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Tongkat Ali is the most effective herbal testosterone booster on the market.

Tongkat Ali: What is Tongkat Ali?

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Native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, Tongkat Ali has been known and used as a natural remedy in South-East Asia for centuries.

In the western world, Tongkat Ali has become more and more popular and nowadays can be found as an additive in many health and sexual enhancement supplements.

There is a very strong demand for Tongkat Ali in the US, Canada, Singapore, the UK and Australia as well.


But what is it that makes Tongkat Ali so popular? Tongkat Ali contains an active ingredient called Eurycomanone, which is the major quassinoid in Tongkat Ali.


Most of the Eurycomanone contents can be found in the root parts of the Tongkat Ali plant. The higher the Eurycomanone content, the more efficient the product.


For that reason, it is important to know about the different Tongkat Ali products and the offered qualities that are available on the market.

Tongkat Ali: Quality standards

Simply speaking, we can differentiate between three main quality standards.


  1. Tongkat Ali powder

  2. Tongkat Ali extract

  3. Tongkat Ali root extract


Tongkat Ali powder is just plain powderized Tongkat Ali.


To manufacture Tongkat Ali powder, all parts of the Tongkat Ali plant are used. For the most parts the stem, the branches and the leaves. Tongkat Ali powder contains very little Eurycomanone and is therefore sold at very cheap prices and is used as an additive to many health supplements. As the Eurycomanone content is so little, Tongkat Ali powder has very little to no effect on the human body.


Tongkat Ali extract is basically just a concentrated form of Tongkat Ali powder. Therefore, Tongkat Ali extract contains a higher number of active ingredients as plain Tongkat Ali powder, however the effects to the human body are still very little.


In general, every herbal supplement is usually available in very high doses and concentrations. The effects of herbal supplements can not be compared to the effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal supplements need to be concentrated to achieve noticeable effects to the human body. With Tongkat Ali it is the same!


Tongkat Ali root extract is the highest quality available on the market. Within this category, there are different concentration levels available. The three most common concentration levels are 1:50, 1:100 and 1:200, of which 1:200 is the most effective concentration, as it contains the highest content of Eurycomanone. To produce Tongkat Ali root extract, only the roots parts are used to produce the final product. As we know, the Tongkat Ali roots contain the highest number of active ingredients.


With that in mind, it is crucial to study the label of the product before the buying process.


Very often you can see products advertised as Tongkat Ali extract or Tongkat Ali root extract, and when you look at the contents written on the product label, you see very often the words ‘Tongkat Ali’, ‘Tongkat Ali powder’ or ‘Eurycoma longifolia’ as listed ingredients. This is a very common trick in the industry and many suppliers take advantage of that lack of knowledge many potential buyers have.

In this short video it is explained how to differentiate Fake Tongkat Ali from real Tongkat Ali:

Also, many potential buyers are not aware of the massive price difference between Tongkat Ali powder and Tongkat Ali root extract. These are literally two completely different products of which one is highly efficient and the other one is pretty much useless to the human body.

Tongkat Ali: Benefits

Please watch the following video in which the most important benefits are described:

If you have ever experienced real Tongkat Ali root extract you can probably relate to the following statement:


Tongkat Ali works basically in a multilayered way.

Depending on your age and the dosage you are taking, you can experience first effects after 10-14 days of daily intake. We recommend taking Tongkat Ali once per day and preferably in the morning before the first meal.


Your digestive system is almost completely empty during this time; therefore, your body is able to absorb Tongkat Ali or any other supplement much better.


Although Tongkat Ali can be taken together with other supplements or prescription drugs, however please consult your physician before you add Tongkat Ali to your nutrition plan.


As mentioned earlier, the first effects kick in after 10-14 days and you will notice, in a very subtle way, that you are much more alert and aware of your environment as before. The effects of Tongkat Ali become stronger and stronger over the days, so don’t expect any immediate effects.


The next thing that you will notice is just you are less tired during the day, and that you wake up earlier as you are used to.


This might lead to an adjustment of your sleep schedule as regular Tongkat Ali consumers do need 1 hour less sleep, in average. If you are used to a 7-hour sleep schedule and all of a sudden, your body is awake after a 6-hours night, this is probably then thanks to the effects of Tongkat Ali and not an unusual effect.


After week 2 and by beginning of week 3 you should feel a general sharpness to your body and to your mind. This comes in together with a slightly higher level of aggression and a significant libido increase.


During that period, you can play around a little bit with the intake dosage to balance out sharpness, aggression and sex drive.


The human body can adapt quickly to repetitive scenarios. Whether we drink alcohol or smoke regularly, at a certain point you need to either drink or smoke more to reach that same level of satisfaction.


With Tongkat Ali is it the same. Although your body does not get addicted to Tongkat Ali as opposed to alcohol and cigarettes. However, to avoid to up the doses over time, we need to break the intake cycle every couple of weeks.


We recommend to cycle off every 4-5 weeks for about 1 week. If you repeat with the same dosage after 1 week before you stopped, you will not even lose any of the effects during that week.


However, you should not break the cycle for longer than 1 week to maximum 10 days. If you do, it will take a couple of days longer for Tongkat Ali to kick in again.

Tongkat Ali: Dosage

The right dosage is something you need to figure out over time by listening to your body and how it feels. Your age, body weight, body composition and gender will have an influence on the right dosage amount.

Generally, we recommend everyone to start with 2 capsules daily for the first 2 weeks. Some people have to up their dosage to 3 or even 4 capsules a day over time, whereas as many people are just fine with 2 capsules per day.


This is something that you can easily adjust yourself during the cycle.    

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Tongkat Ali: Side effects

Tongkat Ali is a supplement with very little side effects. This is not a surprise as herbal supplements in general do come with less side effects as pharmaceutical drugs.


However, what you are likely to experience, and this is up to you whether you consider this as a side effect is this:



Many people appreciate a certain level of aggression, others find it rather anxious. If you are that type of guy who feels rather anxious, you just need to adjust your individual dosage and after a few days you will be better.


Lack of sleep.

As mentioned earlier it is likely that your body will need about 1 hour less sleep. People who are sensitive with the amount of their sleep can be bothered by this. In this case it is all a matter of adjustment, just decrease your daily intake and you after a few days you will be fine.


Slightly elevated heart rate.

Many people report a slightly elevated heat rate. Usually, an average person would not even notice such and neither is this dangerous in any way. However especially fitness enthusiasts who are used to monitor their resting heart rate or track their heart rate during an exercise, have reported such.


Now if you are a hypochondriac I understand this can be a concern to you, but otherwise not worth to mention.

Tongkat Ali: Good for women?


Woman can benefit from taking Tongkat Ali, however not to that extent a male can.


Women do have testosterone in their bodies although the amounts are significantly lower compared to the amounts we can find in males. We have statements from females who report an increase in libido over time, so if you are a woman feel welcome to try our product.


Dosage recommendation is 2 capsules per day for the first 4 weeks. Take a break in week 5 and repeat your cycle after 1 week with the same amount you have stopped.

Make sure you also read our article about Butea Superba and why this is called 'The natural viagra'.

Tongkat Ali: What to be aware of!

What you need to be aware of when buying Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali nowadays is widely available and can be bought very easily online. Unfortunately, most people dont spend the time to educate themselves and buy very often the cheapest product. And this has become a very big issue within the Tongkat Ali but also within the entire supplement industry.


People who dont know anything about the specifics of Tongkat Ali might be disappointed and think that Tongkat Ali doesnt work while they may have bought just a worthless or non efficient product. Tongkat Ali, also known as Longjack, is available in many different variations.



What is the best Tongkat Ali you can buy in Australia?

Be aware that Tongkat Ali is not equal Tongkat Ali.


What are the different quality levels available in Australia?

  • Tongkat Ali powder - The most common and cheapest option.

  • Tongkat Ali extract - Same quality then Tongkat Ali powder, just concentrated.

  • Tongkat Ali root extract - Best quality and available in different ratios.

The most important fact to know before buying Tongkat Ali is that 99% of the active ingredients are to be found in the root parts of the plant. If you produce and offer Tongkat Ali powder that is made solely from the stem and arches, you dont need to be surprised why someone can offer "Tongkat Ali" for a very cheap price. It is simply because Tongkat Ali powder does literally not contain any active compounds. And so does Tongkat Ali extract which is just a concentrated form of Tongkat Ali powder.


For marketing purposes it sounds great to be able to sell "Tongkat Ali extract" and I am sure most of the people will find it great to be able to buy an extract for a very cheap price. Just be aware that an extract of a product with zero active compounds still remains a worthless product, even it is called an extract.


If you are seriously interested buying Tongkat Ali, you should not look for the cheapest option and surely a high quality product will cost you a bit of money. You should only consider buying "Tongkat Ali root extract", which is an extract made only from the root parts of the plant.


It can also help to compare different offers to be able to differentiate different offers. You should ask yourself why a Tongkat Ali product on ebay ,which is supposedly Tongkat Ali root extract in 1:200 concentration, is offered at surprisingly cheap prices while other sellers which sell the same product offer the same product for 5-6 times the price. If you look at direct manufacturer bulk prices for Tongkat Ali root extract you will realizes pretty quickly what the truth is. Anyway, everyone should make their own due diligence.


Another example is this Tongkat Ali product here. Advertised as "Tongkat Ali 200:1" and also the price suggests a high quality product. They suggest a "High potency formula" but fail to mention the exact ingredients. Although the rather high price suggest otherwise, you can assume that this is rather Tongkat Ali powder than Tongkat Ali root extract.

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Tongkat Ali: Science

If you interested in clinical trials or scientific evidence on Tongkat Ali, you can find here a comprehensive list of articles and studies that focus on the effects of Tongkat Ali to the human body.


Personal note:

I hope that the above information is helpful for you to take the right buying decision.


Unfortunately, over the years we have seen a massive increase of suppliers who flood the market with either fake or low quality Tongkat Ali.


As a result, suppliers which offer a genuine product have it rather difficult to sell and are very often considered as too expensive.


Therefore, one of our main goals is to educate people and to provide them with enough knowledge, so they are able to differentiate a worthless product from quality Tongkat Ali. If you like what we do, please support us and share this content with other people.